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  • Megan Copeland

Daycare and Naps

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

Are you headed back to work and now your child will be in daycare? Are you worried that the amazing routine you have formed with feeding and naps will all go to crap once you drop your precious little bundle off?

Have no fear as there may be some regression in your child’s sleep routine, but a good daycare provider will ensure your baby is well rested, because a rested baby is a happy baby!

Will my baby nap at daycare?

If your baby is on a great schedule and you have been rocking the newborn life, talk to your baby’s teacher and the director and ask them what their policies are with naps and feedings. You’re especially fortunate if you have the opportunity to research and interview staff at few different daycares before making a final decision on a place.

Ask if they allow sleep sacks or whitenoise devices? Many do not due to the amount of tiny humans they must care for and keep safe, however it’s worth knowing.

Ask them if you can provide your baby’s sleep schedule and see if they are able to accommodate it. If they are unable to follow your exact routine try to come up with a middle ground that works for everyone.

Remember that some babies will adjust quickly to a new environment, while other babies will take some time.

What do I do if my baby won’t nap at daycare?

So you’re back to work and your baby is at daycare taking horrible naps which is affecting their night sleep. Now, more than ever, you NEED sleep because you have to function at work.

Keep in mind the following…

Daycare can be exhausting with all the new noises and people around.

There will definitely be a few days -- dare I say weeks -- that may be rough in the beginning.

Due to bad naps and lack of sleep your child may need an earlier bedtime. Move bedtime up 30 minutes for a few weeks until they have adjusted to their new situation. If this is not possible due to your work schedule take a longer drive home and hope they get a short nap in to help get them to their original bedtime. OR once you have arrived home, put them down for a quick cat nap of no more than an hour.

Give time during the weekend to allow your child to take longer naps and recover from their busy week.

Going back to work and putting your child in the care of someone else is an adjustment for everyone. Continue to work with your daycare provider and keep a great routine at home.

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