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Success stories

"Megan is the best! I was ready to give up on breastfeeding when I reached out. I honestly think my baby would be on formula without her. I was a tired emotional mess and Megan knew exactly what to say to help get me over the hump. She is a fantastic listener and teacher. Megan helped me realize I had a very strong let down and gave me the know-how to deal with the situation. I can’t recommend her enough! I’m now on month 4 of exclusive breastfeeding and plan to use her services for sleep training as well." - Ashley

"I know that once you have children your sleep will never be the same, but I honestly didn't know how bad it could be when your child becomes independent. My husband and I were woken up at least 5 times a night by our 4yr old daughter. This then escalated to our 2.5 yr old daughter since they share a room. I had previously reached out to Megan when my 2nd daughter was 8 months old and she talked me through a sleep training program that made me feel comfortable and it worked! After unsuccessful bargaining with my 4yr old I reached out again to Megan. Megan helped me realize that my oldest was not actually scared of monsters, but that she had forgotten how to fall asleep on her own. Megan asked questions about both of my children and came up with a plan that not only worked for my husband and I but for both of my children. She continues to check in with me and gives me the confidence to stay consistent. My children wake up well rested and cannot wait to tell me that they stayed in bed until it was ok to wake up.I highly recommend Megan for sleep training at age  and have already shared her wisdom with other friends. She is amazing! Thank you again Megan!" - Meg

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