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About Slumber Feed


Meet Megan

Hi, I am Megan and the founder of Slumber Feed.  I am a mama of two, an RN, Certified Sleep Consultant and Certified Breastfeeding Counselor.


I graduated from Rush University with my masters in nursing and set sail in the ICU. Working for multiple years on the night shift I knew all too well how precious sleep was to provide safe patient care. I am passionate about sleep, not only for myself, but for the growth and maturation of my children. My initial anxiety as a new parent was how are we all going to get sleep!?!  I set out on a mission by reading books and listening to podcasts. With the knowledge I gained I was able to sleep train both of my children. 

The gift of sleep created a bounce in my step and friends and family noticed. Through my advice and support they too gained sleeping success!  I believe learning to sleep well is the greatest gift!

You may or may not be new to breastfeeding, but your baby sure is! I am passionate about helping families meet their breastfeeding goals. I know all too well the struggles of  breastfeeding. Did you think it would just work, because I sure did!  I can’t wait to counsel, guide, and empower you to make your breastfeeding dreams a reality. 

I know I am not alone in this journey and wanted to help other families with their sleep and feeding struggles.

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